E-Commerce Integration

The offered assortment decides on the attractiveness of a strong web shop. Especially if the portfolio includes different product ranges, shop owners are inevitably confronted at some point with the question of which areas might need to be expanded.


In the near future, Delicarne will take on the complexity of this challenge in customers' web shops in order to increase both reach and sales there. As a central article platform, Delicarne will provide product data that can be easily transferred to customer's shop via a compatible interface. The respective shop will then adopt the product data already translated into its national language in a consistent and automated way.


All sales prices are of course determined autonomously by the shop owner.


Why E-Commerce Integration? For acquisition-related supplementation, takeover of additional and marginal product ranges provides a large number of variants. Thus becomes the ideal extension of the classic core range. Without having to create individual articles in the shop itself, it is possible to find out quickly which areas of new additional or peripheral assortments are to be included in the core assortment in the future. This gives the shop the character of a full assortment. In addition, you can define seasonal special articles and run periodic promotions. 


The result of the e-commerce integration is obvious: a convenient increase in sales by addressing new customers as well as an increase in the average shopping basket of existing customers. In addition, the new, greater reach could lead to additional forms of monetization in the form of new cooperative ventures with previously unconsidered trading partners. For example, affiliate marketing plans with third parties could be implemented or the now more attractive website could be offered to potential advertising customers as an optimal advertising space.


The implementation of the "Delicarne Data" interface is carried out within a very short time. With an enormous transparency, performance and security, webshops steer into an even more attractive and efficient future.