Cleaning & hygiene

Cleanliness is of extreme importance in the entire food processing industry: butchers, restaurateurs and HoReCa businesses are exposed to high hygiene risks. To ensure a high level of food safety, permanent professional cleaning according to a precisely defined concept is indispensable.

In order to be able to produce food of the best quality, Delicarne's product range is designed to meet the needs of all companies active in the food trade and cleaning service providers. It goes without saying that, in addition to cleaning equipment, this includes a wide range of DVG- and VAH-listed cleaning and disinfection agents.

Acid cleaners l Alkaline cleaners l Boot disinfection l Brushes l Cleaning rolls l Cleaning tools l Cleaning trolley l Detergents l Dish cleaners l Disinfectants l Dispenser for soaps and lotions l Duster l Dustpan sets l Foamers l Folded towels l Hand disinfectant dispenser l Hand shovels l Handles l Hoses l Paper towel rolls l Sanitary paper l Scoops l Scrapers l Scrubbing pads l Shovels l Tissue paper l Toilet paper l Towel rolls l Universal cleaners

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning devices such as brushes and cleaning tools should be light and easy to clean. Here it is particularly important to score points in the hygiene-critical area and to prevent contamination of the end product of any kind. The utensils used have a significant influence on increasing food safety in production areas due to their surface coating, design and joining technology of the materials used. All devices in our product portfolio are characterized by smooth contours and surfaces and do not have corners in their design which would be problematic for cleaning. This makes them suitable for their specific application in food processing without restrictions.  

Detergents, disinfectants and tissue paper

Professional hygiene products for shops in the food trade, retailers and mixers in the food trade, companies in out-of-home sales, direct sales, counter sales or farm-gate sales, specialist dealers, service points and repair service providers. We have all the right quality products for cleaning and hygiene in businesses. 

Especially for hand disinfection as virus protection, our ethanol-based products and alcohol-based disinfectants based on propanol are a good choice.  In suitable combinations such as hand disinfectant dispensers, soap dispensers with arm levers, surface disinfectant dispensers with levers, universal dispensers for soaps and lotions, or as 2-fold and 3-fold combination dispensers for liquid soaps, they form a recommended protection against viruses such as influenza, Ebola, mumps, measles and corona.

Whether alkaline and acidic cleaners, universal cleaners, dish cleaners or other special products; our range combines outstanding cleaning action with excellent disinfection for all areas of application as kitchen and maintenance cleaners and for production cleaning.


Safe and hygienic solutions are also provided by the range of paper towel rolls, folded towels, sanitary paper, kitchen and cleaning rolls made of cellulose and/or waste paper in 1-ply and 2-ply versions.

Cleaning machines and dosing systems

To meet all hygiene standards and to implement the HACCP concept, we also offer cleaning machines for cleaning equipment and tools, equipment for boot and hand disinfection in various designs and sizes, foam and dosing technology as well as solutions for industrial and personnel hygiene.