Clothing and safety

HACCP suitable workwear with intelligent details in stylish designs. Delicarne has a wide range of durable and durable garments for every risk category. Of course, we also have suitable, warming clothing in our range for work in colder working environments.

When designing our fashionable range of professional footwear, it was important that each item of footwear retains its shape and is comfortable, protects its wearer from injury and is durable. The shoe soles are wear-resistant, non-slip, oil and acid-resistant.  The upper materials, whether textile or leather, are to a certain degree resistant and waterproof. These parameters were of course also taken as a basis for the composition of the boot program. Reliability and safety with maximum hygiene are also of elementary importance here.

For proper prevention against the most common work injury of all, cuts and stabs, we have put together a comprehensive protection portfolio for cut and stab protection. 

As protection against soiling during food production and for compliance with product hygiene, we also offer a complete range of different types of clothing for disposable use.

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Work clothing and gloves

Safe working clothes from head to toe in a trendy look, from chef's hats and bandanas to scarves & service ties, jackets, blouses and shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts, aprons, skirts and trousers. The models are made of hard-wearing blended fabrics and are boil-proof, colourfast and industrially washable.

The right fit is crucial for practical and comfortable garments. Details ensure a pleasant, high level of wearing comfort in everyday working life. For example, the textiles in our range give extra freedom of movement through movement pleats in the back, or they have press studs to adjust the cuff width. In short: optimum equipment, hygienically safe with an excellent ergonomic fit.

Especially the hands should be well protected against various dangers with suitable work gloves. The requirement profile for the gloves can be very different. Sometimes the focus is primarily on protection against injury, elsewhere it is necessary to ward off influences such as heat or cold, occasionally resistance to oils, fats and the most common acid and alkali-based cleaning agents is required. But perhaps it is also a matter of good sensitivity, a secure grip when handling fresh or slippery food or protection against bacteria.

For these different purposes we offer the right gloves in the appropriate sizes and materials.

Work shoes and safety rubber boots

Work shoes

Fashionable and robust professional shoes with the highest standards of hygiene: resistant safety shoes with toe caps, abrasion-resistant and anti-slip soles and maximum heel cushioning to relieve the joints. Whether as clogs, slippers or low shoes in trendy sneaker or sports shoe look: our footwear gives an attractive appearance, is worn with pleasure and has a motivating effect.  The use of hard-wearing leather and synthetic materials makes professional shoes water-repellent and breathable, especially to prevent heavy foot perspiration.

Safery rubber boots

Highly fluctuating temperatures on smooth and slippery floors - rubber boots are typically preferred in food processing to ensure stability.  
In the butcher's shop or gastronomy as well as sales counters, boots ideally complement the rest of the work clothing and offer complete protection. Waterproof plastic or rubber protects against moisture, the thermal insulation against cold. Profiled, non-slip soles provide tread resistance. Steel or overcaps made of aluminium or plastic provide toe protection.

Cut and stab protection

In the food industry in particular, it is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of all reported accidents at work are related to cut and stab injuries. Delicarne offers a range of solutions to protect against these injuries. 

Sting protection gloves

Our stainless steel stab protection gloves are easy to put on and take off and can be worn on the right or left side. Their ergonomic design ensures an exceptional fit for a perfect fit and more safety during cutting and dismantling work. No annoying braid overhang at the fingertips, high wearing comfort due to soft, elastic cuff webs that prevent the cuff from slipping. Handling is as easy as cleaning; antibacterial, fully hygienic, light and residue-free. 

Protective gloves

The aim in developing cut-resistant gloves was to provide optimum protection for the knife-holding hand. Our seamless, fibreglass-free knitted gloves are made of different material combinations between polyethylene, polyamide, polyester and stainless steel and can be worn on both sides with an elastic wrist.


Sting protection aprons

The range of stab protection aprons includes aprons made of aluminium plates with nylon bands as well as ring mesh aprons. The extremely small aluminium plates contribute to the flexibility of the apron and are absolutely safe. Equipped with adjustable and interchangeable belts and wide straps, it increases comfort and brings it to the same level as ring mesh aprons. With a ring diameter of 7.0 mm and completely made of stainless steel, our ring mesh aprons offer perfect protection. The weight of the apron is ideally distributed by its wide straps and thus reduced and impresses with its best fit and high wearing comfort.


Disposable clothing, gloves, aprons

As protective clothing it is worn for a limited period of time and then disposed of. It serves for safety and protects both people and products equally from coming into contact with dirt and germs.
From the hood and hairnet cap, paper boats and mouth mask to the disposable coat for visitors, protective suit as a disposable overall, disposable pants, smocks and aprons, disposable nitrile gloves to overshoes and overboots. Delicarne offers a wide range of designs and variants tailored to the respective application. All single-use articles are particularly hard-wearing, resilient and originally tailored to the requirements of the food industry and the hygiene sector in these professional fields. They are therefore particularly suitable for recommended protection against viruses such as influenza, ebola, mumps, measles and corona.