Meat production and processing

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Slaughter and transfer of goods

Shooting equipment

Livestock shooting equipment and ammunition for various applications.

Stunning forceps

For easy, fast and gentle stunning of the animals, we offer stunning tongs in different sizes.

Meat boxes and meat containers

For simple logistics of goods, we have food-certified meat crates and transport containers in our program.

Lifting and loading trolleys

Cutter trolleys made of stainless steel with pouring spout, push handle and lifting fitting. Wheels are made of impact-resistant and break-proof Pevolon plastic. In 200 or 300 litres, with or without skid.


In CNS or plastic. For fast and safe transport.

Containers / vats / boxes / pallets

All bins are made of robust and stable HDPE and therefore particularly durable. The field of application is wide, for transport, mixing or storage.

H1 pallets meet all hygienic requirements and offer maximum safety, even under heavy loads.


Complete weighing technology. Whether fast and flexible, for large or small quantities, on the wall or free-standing.

Organisation systems

Order makes everyday work easier and ensures faster processes. We offer you organisation systems for the perfect solution. Space-optimising and suitable for the demanding field of application, also in stainless steel design.

Measurement & Marking

For all areas we offer the suitable thermometer for punctual or permanent temperature measurement. In addition, our range of products also includes loggers, salt meters, oil meters and PH meters.

To identify animals quickly and easily, we carry paint that, depending on the animal species, lasts from several days to weeks. For meat marking we carry both labelling guns and thermal labels on sheets or rolls for all common systems.

Meat processing and handling

The appealing presentation of refined foods such as pâtés, brawn, canned food or ready-to-cook products undoubtedly has a sales-promoting effect.

Nets / thread / cords

Sausage thread

Our long-fibre sausage thread is shrunk individually, is heat-resistant and extremely tear-resistant.  Made of plastic, the so-called sausage yarn loops are already pre-cut to a specific length and can be attached by means of an automatic clipper.

Ham threads and cords

Made of flax thread in a practical dispenser with patent cutter and thread brake. More flexible than plastic, it is therefore easier to tie and knot. Because flax is also stretchable and shrinkable to a certain degree, it always stays taut against the product. Naturally tasteless and dyed in a wide range of colours.


Lightweight and water-repellent PP cords are made of artificially synthesized polypropylene and are a more robust alternative to yarns. It is skin-friendly, odourless and, with a high UV resistance, very weatherproof.


For the packaging of cooked meat (pork, ham, sausages) our series A was designed. Series B is mainly suitable for packaging roast, smoked and cooked meat (turkey, chicken, beef, pork, lamb). Available in different versions, they are made of cotton or polyester thread and natural rubber threads and can be easily removed before consumption.

Sealing aids

Convenient clip closure solutions, free of oil and grease, dimensionally stable, accurately fitting and with a degree of hardness adapted to the respective machine to achieve the desired machine service life. Naturally free of corrosion and burrs, so that people remain unharmed and the product packaging can be sold undamaged and without being pulled out of the air.

Stainless steel hook

Cans / jars

The range of tins and jars includes different sizes and shapes for every purpose. With the right label a good combination for sales promotion.

Natural herbs and spice mixed

Our spice assortment and selection of herbs offer a great variety, carefully selected from aniseed to cinnamon. Our group's own spice mill is happy to provide its sophisticated recipes with more freedom of aroma and seasoning intensity in individual packages.

The product portfolio also includes other necessary additives for meat and sausage production such as flavours, emulsifiers, phosphates and various salts such as nitrite salt, table salt and sea salt. And of course also the substances ascorbic acid, citric acid, sodium ascorbate and GdL glucono-delta-lactone.