Tools & Machinery

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Knives & cutting boards

The complete range of cutting tools of the premium brands Dick and Giesser such as boning knives, block knives, mincing knives, santoku knives, rib pullers or bone triggers in different blade lengths. For daily use, we have also put together a selection of fully hygienic and easy-care cutting boards made of white plastic. The robust and tasteless boards have a high cut resistance.


From small to large, we offer high-quality cleavers and axes in all sizes.

Sharpening steels and tools

To ensure that knives can be used for a long time, we have different steels in our range.

Cutting disks and grinder plates

For a fast and professional production Delicarne offers a wide range of cutting discs and grinder plates in various designs from our premium partner L+W Lumbeck and Wolter.

Saw blades

In addition to our large variety of saws, we also offer the matching saw blades. Thereby the machines remain powerful and the final product remains constant in its quality.

Sharpening machines and accessories

Each company has individual requirements regarding sharpening and grinding. Delicarne has a wide range of suitable sharpening machines.

Shop and stuffing mincers

High-performance mincers for manual loading with removable worm housing for use in butchers' shops, supermarket branches, restaurants and hotels as well as in catering businesses.

Grinders are available with 3- or 5-piece cutting sets size R70 - B98 system "Unger" or with the system "Enterprise" E22 - E32. The special design of auger and auger housing enables a first-class minced meat quality with excellent particle definition at minimum temperature increase and low power consumption. Even frozen material with temperatures down to -4° C can be processed without any problems. Depending on the series a return button for removing the cutting set is standard.

The machines are completely made of high-quality stainless steel. Machine housing, bowl and filler neck are seamlessly welded together for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning. Grinders meet all CE requirements regarding safety and hygiene.

Bowl chopper

Powerful bowl choppers as table-top or floor-mounted units for the professional production of sausages such as boiled sausage, cooked sausage or salami or the processing of all kinds of food that has to be minced, mixed or homogenised. Shape of the chopper bowl and design of cutting hood in combination with excellent knives and standard digital thermometer enable excellent work results in a short time.

The speed of knife shaft and bowls can be switched independently of each other on the floor-mounted units. This provides the machines with a high degree of variability to adapt to the requirements of different products.

Bowl choppers are completely made of high-quality stainless steel. Machine casing is welded completely joint-free for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning. Bowl choppers meet all CE requirements with regard to safety and hygiene.

Vacuum machines

Delicarne offers a range of professional vacuum machines, from low cost tabletop models to a heavy duty double chamber machine for industry. Equipped with the right vacuum machine, tailored to the application, the possibilities are endless. Housing is made of stainless steel with a deep-drawn stainless steel chamber for easy cleaning.  

Fillers and clipping machines

For sealing and cutting off bags or food in one step. Table models are available as single and double clipping machines for vertical and horizontal mounting. Of course, we also carry the matching clips in various designs.

Band saws

High-performance bandsaws for processing all types of products to be cut, fresh or frozen, with or without bones, for any size of business. Robust, reliable machines for professional users who expect top performance from their machines.

For butchers, meat products industry, cutting plants, branches of the food retail trade and catering companies, various models and different performance sizes are available. In this way all shredding tasks can be carried out safely, precisely and quickly with clean cut surfaces.

The machines are completely made of high-quality stainless steel. The base frame is welded completely joint-free for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning. Saws meet all CE requirements regarding safety and hygiene.

Baking machines, frying machines, grills

Convenient small devices for the party service, service counters in out-of-home sales, catering, gastronomy and hotel business. From deep fat fryers, microwaves, fast cooking systems, contact grills, induction devices and frying plates, hot-dog devices, soup pots, waffle irons and crêpe devices to grill and sausage roasters.  

Cutting machines

For individual portioning of cold cuts, for mixing liquid or semi-solid ingredients or for pureeing food, our equipment such as slicers, kitchen cutters, multifunctional machines, vegetable slicers, kitchen mixers and blender sticks help.


Smooth logistics in the kitchen, no long waiting times for party guests at the buffet and the quality of the food always remains as intended. We have a large selection of chafing dishes, plate warmers and heat lamps as well as sausage heaters.  
We also offer a matching, odourless fuel paste that burns particularly evenly. This can be used with any other tabletop appliance that uses fuel paste to keep food warm, such as a warmer, chef's oven or emergency cooker.


Our dishwashers are easy to use and reduce the consumption of detergent by up to 35%. With a built-in drain pump, they do not require a drain near the floor, but can also be easily connected to the drain of a sink. The built-in drain pump transports the waste water up to a maximum height of 1 m. As front door machines, they are often used where space is limited. Optimal on a substructure for a good loading height of the baskets.

If the space requirement is less important, hood or push-through machines with infeed and discharge tables allow a higher capacity utilisation and improved ergonomics.